Celtic Dragon Bracers

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"Wreathed in dragon fire, your enemies burn from your very stare, kindle to be charred in your wake on the battlefield."
These can be sold as a full set, left/right bracer + left/right greave, or individual sets. We also offer single pieces as well if you are looking for a asymmetrical look for you character.
Crafted from 6oz veg tanned leather, each piece is set with a highly detailed Celtic style knotwork piece, showing twin dragons intertwined. Trimmed with fur to keep you warmer on cold nights over the long weekends. Both bracers and greaves are crafted with 3/4 inch leather straps and simplistic silver buckled to secure them to your arms and legs.
As we are avid players of Underworld LARP here in Canada, we have studded them to give additional armour points to the user. If you desire them without studding please let us know, otherwise the will come as pictured.