Globe pouch

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"Mystical pouches to hold mystical items, its what ties the whole outfit together! people love an adventurer with fashion sense"
Crafted from scratch, using high quality materials, This sphere pouch is brought to life by the caring and dedicated hands of our artisans. Each piece is put through many steps of refinement to create a gorgeous looking final product that is both beautiful, functional, and most of all tough enough to survive all the punishment that you can put it through.
Made with 6oz leather they are incredibly sturdy and will not tear with frequent usage. The body of the pouch is wet molded to create two half hemispheres that close together to hold any items you put inside, we would advice against placing coins inside as they have the possibility of slipping out. Studs sits around the edge of the outer facing ball, giving it a lovely distinct look.
Each pouch comes with a custom strap that will fit up to a 2" belt, larger belts can be accommodated, please let us know if you need a larger size.