Grizzled War Belt

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"Smarter then the average bear? perhaps....."
This war belt is a epic piece of armour!
Four highly detailed tassets hang off of the belt, with tooled Celtic bear claws on each piece. The main belt also has an intricate Celtic bear head tooled into it. The belt itself can be worn with or without the tassets to create whatever unique look you want for your character. Each tasset can be removed easily with buckles hidden on the back side of each piece.
Massive buckles on either side allow you to adjust for your waist size. As the belt sits it can fit from 36" up to 44" we can change it to fit larger or smaller but you will have to get us some measurements.
This "Style" of tassets can have different tooling as well, if you would like something besides bear face and claws let us know and we can work with you.