14 Day Return Policy

If your purchase does not satisfy your lust for battle and adventure, it can be returned within 14 days after it is received. The reimbursement covers the entire original cost of the item(s).

All refunds are enforced to the following conditions:

  1. Maximum period of 14 days from confirmed delivery date.

  2. The item(s) must not have seen combat nor having been used within a LARP event, convention,  or used during rehearsal/practice. 

  3. Refurbished items, custom orders, and clearance items are not applicable to this policy.

  4. A copy of the original invoice must be provided.


A copy of the invoice and item(s) intended to be refunded must be submitted to sales@dragonskeeparmoury.com

Picture(s) of the item(s) intended to be returned must be attached to the email to allow verification of the unused status of the item(s). Front and back pictures of the item(s) clearly showing condition are the minimum required. Additional pictures may be requested if we are unable to verify status. 


Shipping fees to sender will be incurred for returning unwanted items for reimbursement. This excludes items that are being returned as damaged upon delivery. Damage items are treated the same as unwanted, requiring photo(s) to be submitted.

Damaged upon delivery

If your order is delivered damaged, including but not limited to:

  • Crushed/Shattered Glass

  • Popped rivets

  •  broken buckle 

  • torn and/or ripped

Please contact us at sales@dragonskeeparmoury.com with a copy of the invoice and include picture(s) of the damage to the item(s). We will work with you to determine if the item(s) can be repaired of if they need a complete replacement.