LARP Partners

  Live Action Role Play (LARP) has many standards of safety and costuming quality, to both protect players and ensure that they can enjoy the game in an immersive environment. Each group, guild, and organization uses slightly different rules in regards to materials and presentation of such items and we try to adhere to these practices. As we ourselves are avid LARPers and attend regular games of Underworld LARP, we have based our own standards on their current set of rules and requirements. 

This being said, it is within the judgement of owners, marshals, and staff to refuse any inspected piece that they believe does not adhere to current set standards. This can be caused by the piece being too old or damaged, modified in an unsafe way, or failing to comply with the in house rules.

If a piece is failed or penalized due to failure to follow set guidelines or due to safety issues, please contact us at Please include why the piece was failed and if you are a owner, marshal, or staff, please elaborate as to how this decision was come upon. 

This feedback helps up improve our design techniques to provide wider coverage for our products, allowing players access to a more versatile assortment of customization for their characters.

If you are a player or proprietor and would like to share with us your own particular set of rules and regulations for your home game ,we would love to hear from you! With your help we can insure that our products can be used without any issues. 



Underworld LARP                 Ralinwood         London, Ontario

Underworld LARP                    Jerhico           Toronto, Ontario        

Underworld LARP                  Mournfall         Ottawa, Ontario