Demon War Lord Helmet - Patreon Build

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This is a one of a kind painted helmet created based on our patterns available for our patrons, which you can become one of if you want access to patterns like these.

Crafted from scratch, using high quality materials, This helmet is brought to life by the caring and dedicated hands of our artisans. Each piece is put through many steps of refinement to create a gorgeous looking final product that is both beautiful, functional, and most of all tough enough to survive all the punishment that you can put it through.
This design was chosen by our family of wonderful patrons, chosen by popular vote for our October Patreon Poll. We were tasked with bringing to life what we thought a War Lord of the demon armies would wear into battle. Wonderfully designed and painted by our in house concept artist Angela, who handles most of our design work.
The helmet is a full head wrap and will fit most head sizes, with a horrific mouth grill for easy breathing and speaking.