Dragon Clawed Leather Hand Guard -Red- (set of two)

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"Imposing and deadly, this pair of matching dragon claws will add that cutting edge you have been searching for"

Crafted from scratch, using high quality materials, these claws are brought to life by the caring and dedicated hands of our artisans. Each claw is cast in highly detailed silicon molds using very strong and durable plastic that can withstand very rough handling without cracking or breaking.

The hand guards are created by using finished 6oz thick leather, riveted together for strength, the claws are added and also held in place by rivets. Each Claw sits comfortable on top of the knuckles of your hand, held tightly with elastic straps.

Adjustable wrist straps are used to hold the body of the hand guard to your hand, allowing you to tighten or loosen it for a comfortable fit.

Claws and leather can be made in custom colors and custom designs can be added at your request, please contact us if you would like something unique.