Plague doctor mask

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"Wandering through the darkened back streets of this festering city may seem like a nightmare to some.....but to others its a fantasy come true"

Crafted from scratch, using high quality materials, This mask is brought to life by the caring and dedicated hands of our artisans. Each piece is put through many steps of refinement to create a gorgeous looking final product that is both beautiful, functional, and most of all tough enough to survive all the punishment that you can put it through.

Sewn together entirely by hand to create the iconic look and presence of the historic plague mask, it fits comfortable over the entire face, hiding your identity from your enemies....or victims.

Straps are used to secure the mask to your head, one on either side and one on the top secure it to a back piece with 3 buckles.

These mask can be create with many different looks and styles, as well as the addition of goggles and tinted eye covers.