TH-1CC Blaster 3D printed kit

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 All files have been printed and tested on our fully calibrated Ender 3 Pro workhorse platform~

  • Printed in durable PLA plastic
  • Parts resolution at .14mm to .2mm to capture all details of original 3D model
  • All parts are given an initial rough sanding and removal of support materials
  • All parts are dry fitted to test overall print quality and check for clearance issues


This blaster is created in 4 parts, barrel, chamber, and both half's of the grip and trigger. The trigger is static and does not move.

This kit will require additional sanding and prep work before painting.

We recommend using epoxy to bond all parts together.

Designed based on an WWII German flare pistol

Overall base dimensions:

Length: 12

Width: 12

Height: 12