3D Printed Props, Kits, and services

Posted by Michael Desat on

This is something that we are very happy to announce!

We are now delving into the world of 3D printed props and costuming. With our background  in 3D design and concept art we have opened a new section in the shop to host fully finished 3D printed props which we will be releasing on a regular basis.

The first of which is our design for the hidden blade, make popular by the stealthy assassin's of Assassin's Creed. We will also be offering unfinished Kits of these props that you yourselves can put together and customize.

We also will be releasing the files for these prints so you can print them on your own printers at home! Most of these files will be free to download but you can donate if you enjoy our work. They will all be located in the Digital Files section.

We welcome any and all suggestions for props and gadgets that you want to see made and will be posting updates as we designs and complete them.

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